Rental conditions

1. The tenant’s responsibility
The house can not be occupied by more people than 6 people.
Do not posted a tent in the grounds.
Renter bring their own bed linen (pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers), tea towels, dish cloths, towels, toilet paper and possible. firewood.

2. Reservation and cancellation
The house is only reserved when half of the rent is paid.
The deposit is refunded when the key is returned to the owner.
Power, water and sometimes. lack of cleaning and property damage are offset against the deposit. The balance is transferred to the tenant’s account no later than one week after the end of lease.
Upon termination of the lease less than 40 days before arrival, 50% of the rent. Upon termination of the lease less than 30 days before arrival will be refunded the rent is not.
A fee of 500 kr for termination of the lease.

3. Arrival and Departure
Arrival Saturday ___________kl 16 and departure on Saturday ________2015 before noon 11th
The key will be sent about 1 week before the lease. Can also be picked up and returned at the landlord, if it’s most convenient.
The key is returned to the landlord no later than one week after the tenancy has ended.

6. Settlement of electricity, water and firewood
On arrival at the cottage the tenant even turn on the power on the electricity meter to the right of the main entrance.

7. Force majeure
Landlord may immediately terminate the lease in cases of force majeure (war, strikes, natural disasters, etc.) as well as possibly. foreclosure or sale of property.

8. Cleaning
The tenant is required to leave the house tidy and clean condition. The dishwasher must be emptied by emigration.
Including tenant must pay particular attention to cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, grill, fireplace and sanitation.
Always leave the house in the same condition as you want to take it over.
Costs of lack of or insufficient cleaning made bearings expense.
Renter can book a final cleaning of kr. 800,00.

9. Insurance
Landlord assumes no responsibility for the tenant, as long as that inhabit the property, as there is no sign of any kind of insurance.
Use of playground equipment on the plot takes place at the tenant’s own risk.

10. Consideration of the cottage
The tenant is obliged to treat the cottage with all the trimmings, carefully and correctly, since the tenant is liable for all damages which the tenant or other accompanying persons has caused.
The tenant must before departure replace all caused damage to property and inventory.
During the rental damage the property or furniture, the landlord immediately informed by the tenant.

11. Complaints and damage
Any complaints about the lease shall immediately upon the acquisition and no later than 48 hours from the start date or injury finding addressed to the landlord, so as to seek any. debugged.
The tenant must give the landlord a reasonable time to correct or rectify the fault.
Travel tenant from the lease without first informing the landlord and without thereby giving the latter a reasonable time to correct a possible. failure or damage, the landlord may not impose any repayment obligation, because the tenant has made it impossible to fix any defects or damage.
Unsatisfactory cleaning the cottage (eg. By the previous tenant) must be notified immediately on moving day.
The landlord’s liability covers only direct economic damage and can never exceed the value of the total rent deposit. For indirect damage, consequential damage or loss of non financial nature (ideal damage) the landlord can not be held responsible.

12. TV, radio, Internet, etc.
In the holiday home there are video, television, radio and similar facilities. As these items are available free of charge for the tenant can not make claims if eg brief and unforeseen disturbances, damage and outages.
The same applies to plumbing, sanitation, etc. In such cases, the tenant should inform the landlord notice of the relationship, so that the landlord as soon as possible to arrange for service.

13. Changes in conditions which do not relate to the cottage
Landlord assumes no responsibility for any changes that do not concern the cottage (eg. Change of swimming, fishing rights, the closing of roads, shops, etc., road and construction), and the landlord does not assume responsibility for the deterioration of the tenant stay when this is caused by climatic conditions and local rules and regulations (eg. bathing ban etc.). Furthermore, the landlord can not be held responsible for pest (ant, wasps, flies, mice, earwigs, etc.) in or at the holiday house.

14. Smoke-free home
The cottage is smoke-free, which means that no smoking is permitted indoors. The consequences of infringing the ban will cottage be specially cleaned for renter’s expense.


The landlord and owner:

Steen Hundborg

Kong Sigfreds Vej 1

8920 Randers NV

Cell: +45 40 52 88 10